Vehicle Restoration

We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best options in body repair, restoration and refinishing.
If you would like to discuss any repairs to your pride and joy please contact us to arrange a no obligation quotation on 01225 892244.

Body Restoration

We can undertake full or part restoration of your Porsche from a small blemish to a full repaint.
If your car requires recommissioning after a period off the road we can help bring it back to life.
On classic and historic air cooled cars we can deal with minor corrosion repairs as well as full body restoration.
We can also fabricate any parts that are no longer available from Porsche.
Using the highest quality paints, combined with our low bake oven ensure that perfect flawless finishes are maintained.

Replacement / Reconditioned Parts

Original Porsche parts can be reconditioned for your car and brought back to an as new factory correct condition ready for refit.
– Brake calliper refurbishment.
– Re-plating metal parts to their original zinc/gold finish.
– Re-bushing worn suspension components.
– Powder coating, chemical stripping and media blasting.

Leather Interior Re-Connolising & Repair

Full refinishing service by a Connolly trained restorer to bring your Porsche interior back to its original colour and lustre, including minor repairs, full cleaning, sealing and re-application of the original colour.

Wheel Restoration

Our wheel refurbishment service from a minor kerb repair to a full chemical strip.
Using the same technology as the wheel manufacturers, including polishing and powder coating we can return your alloy wheels to showroom condition.
Fuchs wheels can be restored to as new condition with the correct anodised finish.

Red 911 Targa
Restored Vintage Porsche Alloys at Cameron Sports Cars
Hand repair work being carried out at Cameron Sports Cars